We challenge the traditional ways of doing our business and focus on developing our company’s employees and business systems to better support our customers’ needs, providing a higher degree of efficiency and quality in our service provision.

A partnership with eGISS means working with a partner that is 100% dedicated to our core business – delivering IT devices to global companies’ locations around the world in the best possible way.

What makes eGISS unique in the market, is that we have;

Global distribution of IT devices to large global corporations is our core business – it is all we do and have been doing since eGISS was founded. It is our company DNA!

The experience from having shipped more than one million devices to more than 130 countries around the world – gives you experience. Experience with what details need to be in place for the most swift customs clearing, what incoterms are best fit for each order, what freight method is right for each country or city and many other critical concerns when shipping not just to the nearby “easy” markets.

Every day we accumulate knowledge about all the complexities of providing reliable order fulfillment of IT devices to our customers’ locations around the world.

Every day we accumulate our data on each country’s specific rules, regulations, taxes, duties, challenges that enable us to provide reliability and stability to our customers.

eGISS is able to make order fulfillment of IT devices in more than 130 countries – because we invest in warehouse and production locations with our own staff – in markets where it makes sense and supports our and our customers’ value chain.

The eGISS Solution consists of capabilities like

Customized global portal (catalogue)
eGISS has one globally available portal which presents each customer with its own customer specific catalogue. What is available for the customer’s affiliated companies to purchase is controlled 100% by the customer’s IT procurement team. It is not a web shop – but a tool for the professional IT procurement and IT service delivery teams.

Unique tax and duty calculator
On each order, eGISS provides a detailed calculation and specification on applicable taxes and duties based on country of origin, ship from country, HS code etc.

Own global delivery hubs
By having invested in setting up our own warehouses in strategic markets, eGISS is able to carry buffer stock for our customers – from where shipments can go out the same day as we receive the order.

In our warehouses, eGISS has also built production facilities that support our performance of a number of important and valuable pre-ship services such as SCCM staging, asset tagging, anti-theft marking, BIOS updates, simple image load and more.

Global/local invoicing
Each customer is different – and each customer has its own requirements for how they wish to be invoiced – all invoices to headquarter, an invoice to the local entity or invoicing to a finance partner. eGISS supports a variety of options – like the ones just listed and more.

OEM/Vendor relationships
eGISS is working the most significant OEMs and PC manufacturers to ensure that we can deliver what our customers have decided to be their standard around the globe. See more here (link til partnere)

Global Account Management
eGISS has a dedicated global account management team for each customer. A BRM (Business Relationship Manager) is overall responsible for the agreed contract to be globally fulfilled – supported by a dedicated team from Operations who handles all order transactions, and Procurement who ensures that products are available for the customer’s orders – based on either forecast, minimum stock or actual orders.

Global contract
Customers prefer simplicity – and one global contract is simple. One global set of terms – like payment terms, delivery terms, penalties, pricing, scope and more. We both have our own standard contract and can work with a contract provided by our customers if required.

Global pricing
eGISS’s pricing model is the most simple and transparent on the market. Our price is calculated as a percentage uplift on top of our customer’s negotiated bid prices – and includes freight, warehousing costs, services etc. With this pricing structure, our customers have maximum transparency and can leverage from OEM benchmarks and RFPs.

All of the above is worthless if eGISS does not have a substantial list of large global companies that can confirm our experience, the knowledge base we have accumulated and our capabilities around the world. We are blessed with customers that we have worked with for many years – and that truly believe that we create value for them – and can confirm the above uniqueness.

For more information on eGISS and for getting in touch please contact us at:
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