We meet our customers with a smile and an open mind. We believe that a work environment with humour and fun is important and benefits the learning environment.

eGISS wants to be world leading and the most preferred IT logistics and service provider to truly global companies and their partners

eGISS was founded in 2013 with a desire to become the first IT reseller being able to provide fast and reliable deliveries of specific IT devices to large global enterprises with multiple locations around the world.

In the years up to the founding of eGISS, it became more and more clear to the founders that these global companies were challenged by long delivery lead time, different pricing from country to country and furthermore managing several reseller relationships in each country depending on the devices needed.

At the same time, PC manufacturers and OEMs were challenged by being able to provide a “truly global” distribution model for their global/international customers.

Therefore, eGISS was founded with a clear vision of focusing only on one thing – our core business – providing a customer specific catalogue of IT devices that can be configured (if needed), delivered and invoiced at the same price all over the world from eGISS’s fully managed warehouses and legal entities around the world.

Focusing on only hiring people with high-level skills in global freight, IT distribution and Supply Chain Management – and at the same time being fully dedicated to the strategy – has proven its worth.

eGISS has continuously signed long term contracts with some of the world’s largest global companies on providing them with global PC distribution to more than 130 countries. See here (link til ref cases).

With more new contracts expected to be signed, eGISS is constantly building a knowledgebase and experience – with all the complexities around providing a global catalogue of multi-vendor IT devices and delivering those devices in most parts of the world – that is no less than “Best in Class”.

Number of PC Clients under Contract with eGISS Group

eGISS Group Revenue (MUSD)

eGISS has grown from 3 employees in 2013 to 48 employees in 2018, offices and warehouses strategically set up in Denmark, Switzerland, USA, South Africa, China, Indonesia and India – and revenue rose to ~100 million USD in 2017 – with growth factor since 2013 of 40 to 60% each year.


Jesper Ravn
Jesper RavnFounder, CEO
Jesper Alding
Jesper AldingDirector of Global Supply Chain
René von Staffeldt Beck
René von Staffeldt BeckCOO
Jesper Peulicke
Jesper PeulickeCFO


Kent Jeppesen
Kent Jeppesen
Johannes Bach
Johannes Bach
Kristine Bach
Kristine Bach
Jesper Ravn
Jesper Ravn


Engaging with eGISS happens in three phases – first point of contact is with our Sales Organization with whom contracts are negotiated and agreed upon – hereafter or parallel with that, our Implementation Team who will implement the agreed contract terms in our front- and back-end systems – and finally, when all lights are “green”, the eGISS Operations Team takes over the daily work with orders and deliveries.

The primary drivers for a large global corporation to engage with eGISS are in most cases based on one or more of the three major “Global IT Procurement Trends” we see in the market today:

  • Standardization – to bring down TCO, large global IT organizations tend to move towards standardizing of the IT devices being used on all the markets that the end customer is present in.
  • Globalization – the global IT procurement teams tend to do global RFPs and tenders to ensure that they leverage on its total global volume.
  • Consolidation – the global IT procurement teams wish to have as few suppliers as possible – covering as many markets as possible with as many of the customers certified products (the positive list).

At eGISS we work hard on ”living & doing” our five core values and transform them into tangible and recognizable way-of-doing business with eGISS

Customer Centric

We listen to our customers’ constantly developing needs to ensure that we create value to them – this is our focus in all aspects of our business.

 Innovative / Developing

We challenge the traditional ways of doing our business and focus on developing our company’s employees and business systems to better support our customers’ needs, providing a higher degree of efficiency and quality in our service provision.

Cooperation & Team Work

We work as one team and distinguish ourselves as part of a group of dedicated professionals who always aims at being the best possible partner to our customers and business partners. We cover each other’s backs and work together.

Personal Accountability

We are committed and responsible partners to our customers, and we take pride in having ownership of our job and relationships.

Learn with a smile

We meet our customers with a smile and an open mind. We believe that a work environment with humour and fun is important and benefits the learning environment.


Operating on a global scale means taking responsibility for our global value chain. We have joined forces with UN Global Compact and have based our Code of Conduct on the UN GC 10 Principles. We encourage all our partners, suppliers and customers to actively support and work for the universally recognized principles on human rights including labor rights, anti-corruption and the environment.

You can read more about eGISS’ Communication of Progress (COP) here


In order for us to be able to provide the best possible delivery service to our customers, eGISS is established with strategically located, fully owned and controlled office and warehouse locations – we call them Delivery Hubs – in Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, Indonesia, China and India.

For more detailed information please see under Contact

At eGISS we are always interested in getting in touch with new potential candidates. Send your unsolicited application and resumé to job@egiss.net. Please note that unsolicited applications will be deleted after 6 months.

For more information on eGISS and for getting in touch please contact us at:
+45 88 700 900   or  egiss@egiss.net